Why use WordPress to build your website?

by Jul 21, 2015

Changing your own content.

As a User Experience Designer, I was drawn to WordPress early on because it provided me a way to give my clients access to changing and updating their own content. Once I’ve designed and built a website, my clients can go in and update their own images and text easily without contacting me to do the edits. This saves them time and expense. I have found that customers love the control they have over their sites.

In case you don’t know, WordPress is a free blogging tool and content management system (CMS) which was introduced in 2003. Since then and because of its ease of use, tons of organizations and individuals have been using WordPress to create complete, fully functioning websites and mobile applications.

WordPress is open source, which means the source code of the software is available for anyone to modify and enhance. WordPress is maintained by an army of volunteer developers constantly updating plugins and applications to ensure that they are work within the WordPress standards. Having this virtual team of consultants ensures that the platform is constantly evolving with improved security and innovative new features you can take advantage of.  The next major release of WordPress 4.0 is coming out within the next 2 weeks.

For you this means that you don’t have to worry about the technical part of building a website. Even if you don’t have much technical knowledge you can choose a theme and then write, edit and customize your site with ease.

Building a website has never been so fun.

Attracting visitors to your site.

Once you have your website built, how do you attract more visitors and clients to your site? Well one of the biggest reasons to use WordPress is that it has easy to use fill-in-the-blank style tools, which enable you to optimize your site. Using the search engine optimization (SEO) tools built into WordPress, you can add in a unique title, meta description, excerpt, a category or a tag, and a search optimized URL string for each page. By doing this you will get many more eyeballs on your website. WordPress  “solves 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO” says Matt Cutts, the lead of Google’s spam team. Having an optimized WordPress website will improve your site’s performance in Google search results.

Another aspect of WordPress that is easy to do is providing image rich dynamic content to entertain and inform your audience. Through social media your website marketing comes alive. Social plugins enable you to integrate your website with all of the dynamic platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more others.

Word Press is Black Rhino Design’s platform of choice in providing you with a richly branded website complete with a great customer experience, ease of use and tons of functionality to meet your business needs. We design websites based on clients’ needs and what you want in terms of a customized look and feel with your custom branding. Then we utilize all of the amazing features WordPress has to offer such as responsive mobile ready designs, e-commerce stores, custom home page designs, product and portfolio pages, unique sidebars & footers, advanced navigational menus and so much more.  From the thousands of themes and plugins available we can help you decide on what will work best for your business needs. We also provide the training you need to make your own updates utilizing the WordPress dashboard. As a browser-based platform, you can make changes from any computer with an Internet connection.

If you’re interested in upgrading your website to WordPress to take advantage of all that is available, then contact us. Or if you just need a new fresh look for your site or if you are interested in exploring what a responsive design can do for your business, then contact Black Rhino Design today!

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